Message to Job Seekers Age 50+: Get Tech-Savvy Now!

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 A recent article on Ynet focuses on the job situation in Israel.  Like everywhere, it is the over 50’s crowd that is having the hardest time adjusting to the job search vintage 2012.

 The reason is transparent:  Older people are not as tech savvy as their children and grandchildren.

Many have never adjusted to the digital age and are not adept at finding their way around the web.  The last time they looked for a job was in the 1980’s and they prefer looking for jobs like they did then—in the classified section of newspapers.

Like it or not, some of today’s best classifieds are on the web.  By not looking online, whether on job boards or social networks, job seekers miss some wonderful opportunities.

The YNET article chronicles the plusses and minuses of seniority.  On the plus side, there is no substitute for experience.   Most individuals who have survived in the same job for thirty years have proven their mettle in navigating office politics and executive turnover.   Older workers also bring stability to an organization.  A recent survey shows that members of Generation Y change jobs every every 3.5 years on average.  Young people are on a constant search for progress, fulfillment and success, whereas older workers bring a sense of loyalty and lifetime dedication to their work.   Employers need some of both—a stable core of workers to maintain the organization’s corporate culture and some brash out-of-the-box Gen X and Y’ers to challenge old assumptions and keep the organization on its toes.

On the less bright side, older workers must face the fact that we live in a ”disposable” culture which venerates youth and often does not respect for age or wisdom.  Rather than fight the culture, career coaches urge older job seekers to go with it.  Find out the cutting-edge skills that an employer wants, and acquire them.  Take stock of your assets, believe in yourself, and learn how to present your strengths well on paper and in person.

Judaism—as well as other cultures such as Japanese and Chinese– venerate age and wisdom.

Jewish belief teachers that EVERY individual of EVERY age can make a significant contribution. 

There is no question that experienced workers have much to give.  The challenge is issue is bringing them from a state of unemployment to successful hire.

To help unemployed individuals of all ages, Jewsih Jobster is rolling out an intense six month program called Jobs 4 U.  It will help everyone—including the older worker—acquire the tools needed to navigate today’s job market.  We are also rolling out a sponsorship program for those who cannot afford the cost.  Jewish Jobster is there to help.  We look forward to hearing your success stories!

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