What is Jobs 4U?

An intense six month program designed to shepherd job seekers from joblessness to successful employment.

The package includes:

  •  Personalized coaching by an expert in the job search process
  •  Assential tools and winning skills critical to a successful job search today
  •  Resume and cover letter
  •  Linked in profile writing
  •  Cutting-edge advice on searching
  •  Networking and social media
  •  Interviewing tips and preparation
  •  Real help: searching, networking and marketing by a JewishJobster search specialist.

Why Jobs 4 U?

Today we live in a global village where the internet and social media play a key role in job searching, networking, recruitment and
even interviewing. Job searching is a job unto itself—a job that requires specialized skills. Jobs 4 U combines caring and web-based expertise, helping to sharpen the tools needed to land the right job in today’s very competitive environment while actively assisting you in
searching, networking and marketing.

How is Jobs 4 U Different than Other Job Search Services?

Jobs 4 U combines three distinct functions, all of which are important tools to finding and landing the right job:

  1. Coaching—to fine-tune your search and keep it on-track
  2. Tool and skills building—resume, Linked In, learning how to perfect your own ability to search and network
  3. Active help by an expert who will market your profile and search for you. This rare fusion of services is combined with genuine caring and a strong investment in your success.

What if I cannot afford it?

Jewish Jobster understands that those searching for jobs can be low on funds. To help job seekers we created a sponsorship program which will underwrite the cost of the program for those who cannot afford it.

Jobs 4 U is geared to all job seekers, including:

    • Fresh grads
    • The Unemployed
    • Those Returning to Work
    • Those Looking to Change Jobs

Who can apply for sponsorship?

All unemployed job seekers.

Apply For Sponsorship

For more information please contact Mrs. Smith

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