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One of the worst feelings to have is to be unfulfilled at your job or career. But finding a job that you love is not always an easy task. There are usually only a few different things a person really loves to do and would want to do for a living. So what keeps a person from finding a job like that, one that they would love to go to everyday? Lets look at the reasons people have trouble finding a fulfilling job and what can be done to finally settle into a job that makes sense for you.

Why People Have Trouble Finding A ‘Job For Me’

The biggest problem a person has with finding a job they love is the fact that they get caught up doing whatever it is they are used to doing. For example, a person who is in the construction industry is so used to their job that they have trouble thinking beyond that job. They may try to change jobs but usually end up the the same field anyway because its all they know. Also, the fact that they have experience in the construction field usually means that is the area they will get paid the best in. Trying a new field, even if its one you will enjoy, means starting from scratch and usually a smaller wage. Don’t let this prevent you from trying a job you know you would enjoy.

You Must THINK About What You Really Want

As stated before, you must think beyond your current job and use the mindset ‘If I could do anything I wanted and the wage would be the same, what would I WANT to do?’ Think very hard about this and come up with several things you know you would love to do, then start looking for ways to gain experience in that field. Sometimes just getting a part-time job is a good way to start. It can give you the ability to stay at your current job earning a decent wage but let you gain experience in your desired field. It will also give you a chance to see if you will actually like that kind of job before committing to it totally.

Another Good Way To Find A ‘Me Job’

The best way to find out ‘what job is for me’ is to get acquainted with other people already successful in that job field. There is no better way to learn about a job than directly from a person who is already doing it successfully. In other words, a mentor.

The best part about mentors is that they usually love to talk about their job anyway. You can learn a lot from them by just asking questions. Not only that but it is also a great idea to find out if there is anything you could do to help out. You may not get paid well, or at all, but the experience you gain from working directly with a successful person will translate into making you more valuable in that field. The mentor will also want to make sure you get it done right because it is directly affecting his job or business. This will ensure you are learning the proper way of doing the job and make you more of an asset when trying to find a job of your own.


Finding a job you love is no easy task. But don’t settle for a job you don’t like. Just think of the difference in your life if you always enjoy what you do. It may be easier and more profitable to take a job you don’t like right away, but it will drain you as life goes on.

Continue to look into jobs fields you love on a regular basis, keep talking to people that are doing what you want to be doing and don’t be afraid to just help people out so you can learn more about that job. Just being around those people will guarantee that you meet more people that are doing what you love and build that network of people you can fall back on. There is a much higher chance you will find a ‘job for me’ if you surround yourself with people in that job field. Find ‘what job is best for me’ by never stopping your research into your passions.

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