Think Good And It Will Be Good (Elul Part Two)

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Positive thinking and looking for the good in every situation are important keys to happiness and success.  The late Rebbe of Lubavitch always counseled:  “Tracht gut, vet zein gut–” Think good and it will be good. Replacing depression and negative thinking with positive thinking and hope itself creates new energies and fresh opportunities.  One is able to function at one’s highest level. One’s mind and heart are open to see all the possibilities.  Family, friends and colleagues, who want to be supportive, are drawn to our positive energy and are inspired to help in the best way they can.

A study funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation shows that positive thinking even makes a significant difference in one’s state of health.  In findings published by Psychological Bulletin in April, 2012, individuals with positive thinking were found by Harvard School of Public Health to have lower blood pressure, better cholesterol levels and more normal weights.  Julia Boehm, lead researcher in the study, said that this confirms dozens of previous studies that show that optimistic people have half the risk of a first heart when compared to those who were more pessimistic.  The reasons for this are both physiological and behavioral.  It appears that stress associated with negative thinking can actually lead to damage of arteries and the heart itself.  Furthermore, people with more rosy outlooks on life tend to pursue healthful activities like exercise and healthier eating.

And so, as we face the year 5773 together, let us—the Jewish Jobster community— resolve to fortify ourselves with faith and trust that the new year will bring us health, happiness and prosperity.  Let us do our part by taking good care of ourselves—for our own sake and that of our loved ones.  Let us free ourselves to envision new possibilities and infuse ourselves with hope of a fresh beginning.   Girding ourselves with faith, let us pray for G-d’s blessings and for the strength and wisdom to grow into yet better and more compassionate human beings.

Debby Smith
Director of Development

p.s. I invite you to share with our community how you grew through your challenges, and what has helped you and your families cope during the last year.


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