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I am excited to share periodic thoughts, member profiles, and other assorted tidbits connected with both the employer and employee ends of job hunting. Additionally, because I’m a teacher of Jewish studies, I’d like to share with you my own understanding of a traditional Jewish approach towards these issues. I’m also planning guest bloggers, and I welcome feedback, comments, and suggestions.

Rav said to Rav Kahana, “Better to flay a carcass in the market. and take payment. Don’t say, I’m a cohen! I’m a big man! This thing is hateful to me!” (Tractate Pesachim, 113a)

The Talmudic quote sounds possibly strange, and, well, gross. Bear with me for a moment, while I try to explain what I think is happening with this piece of text, AND how this connects to job hunting. Hang in there with me.

Let’s take apart this text, piece by piece:

Flaying a carcass, is DISGUSTING, meaning here, low-status, reviled work.
A cohen, a priest, at the time of the Talmud, was a person of high status in society.
This thing is hateful to me, means, I despise this job.
The phrase, “in the market,” refers to a public place, so everyone’s going to see him doing this job.

So, we can understand the statement like this:

Rav said to Rav Kahana, “It’s better to do disgusting, low-status work, that might make you feel humiliated, and get paid, then to fall upon such dire straits that you’ll need charity. Don’t think you’re above it.”

A little background for Talmud newbies – it’s an immense hodgepodge of arguments, discussions, rantings, and musings, full of legal and historical material, metaphors, and spiritual secrets, from around 450CE. Rav and Rav Kahana were rabbinic colleagues during that time period. The Talmud is packed with these kind of little conversations that actually express an entire worldview.

Rav, here, is expressing a Jewish attitude towards earning a living. He’s implying that earning a living is an experience that should be essentially dignifying, and preserving of the individual’s self-respect.  Falling to a status in which a person is forced to rely on handouts will  erode that person’s sense of self.

A job search, is therefore, according to this text, a meaningful, spiritually significant experience, because it allows the job seeker to retain his or her basic human dignity.

Job seekers, it is my hope that this perspective  on the grueling process of looking for a job provides you with encouragement to keep you on your way!

Coming soon – a spiritual perspective on the employee hunt!

Thanks to DH, Yehoshua Hershberg, who helped me translate the text.

Rachel  Hershberg
Jewish Jobster

Tom Krausz, resident of Scarsdale, NY, has extensive experience working in various aspects of high tech. After receiving both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Engineering, Tom worked at RCA and Delta Resources, gaining experience in the computer consulting industry. Tom then moved to IMI sytems, where he spent 21 years, and eventually became Vice President of IT, Human Resources and Administration. After having his own company for PC support, Tom worked for two years IDT Ventures, helping new Israeli companies to raise funds and markets in the U.S. He also has extensive experience  working with Quickbooks, maintaining the accounting of a retail store, where he is responsible for Accounts receivables, Payables and Payroll.

Q: Tom, what exceptional qualities do you feel you would bring to any employer?
A: I bring a wealth of experience in my years of computer consulting to any job I’d perform. I’m flexible, hardworking, and do my best to ensure the success of any endeavor I’m involved in.

Q: What work are you doing right now?
A: I’m doing part time work for an IT consulting firms India operation, overseeing their accounting, dealing with their attorneys and legal issues in India, and supervising their accounting.  Although the work is interesting, it’s very part-time.

Q: What type of work are you looking for?
A: Ideally, I’d like a position managing operation of IT consulting firm, administration and HR at any firm including benefits administration, or contract administration. At the same time, my skill sets include, obviously, things like Windows, Microsoft Office, HTML programming, data entry, Web content entry, and Quickbooks maintenance, and I’d be happy for full or part time work in any of those fields, both on site and from home.

Q: Tell us more about yourself as a person.
A: I am married, father of three, grandfather of six, and am a member of the Young Israel shul in Scarsdale, NY.

Anyone wishing to contact Tom is welcome to do so at
Tom, everyone at wishes you every success in finding meaningful work quickly and easily!

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Job hunter in New York

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Jim Millman

Today’s post introduces our profile series, which will include both those hunting for and providing jobs. Today, I’m happy to profile Jim Millman, a job hunter in the New York area, who is seeking work in advertising and marketing. Jim received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Pratt Institute, one of the nation’s leading art and engineering schools, and has over 40 years experience in advertising and marketing in advertising agencies as well as the commercial film industry.

Q: Jim, what specific, unique qualities can you offer an employer? A: Marketers are starting to make an effort to make advertising resonate with seniors, aging baby-boomers (who are entering their senior-citizen designation, and are considered to be a viable target with spending power), trying to figure out how to speak to an audience they have ignored in the past.

Many talented younger creatives think they can create advertising that resonates with older groups, but that’s usually not the case. They offer headlines, copy and stock photos, to aging baby-boomers, without a clue to what a brand really is.

I offer a something that those younger creatives don’t, something you don’t get off a shelf. An idea! combined with strategic consulting and creative execution aimed at seniors (with 40 years of successful advertising to back it up) because that’s what I am uniquely qualified to do. I know what it’s like to be a senior!

Q: What work are you most proud of, and why?

A:I took a little known southern soft drink and introduced it across the country and made it a household name — Dr. Pepper. At the time, it was considered break-through advertising. It also created unprecedented new audience share for a soft drink..

Jim says that he’s willing to relocate, if the right opportunity presents itself. If you’d like to be in touch with him, his email is, and his website is

Wishing everyone Shabbat Shalom!

Rachel  Hershberg

Editor Jewish Jobster

Year after year, job seekers are puzzled by the same question when writing a resume: Should your education or work experience appear at the top? The answer is that it depends.

If you graduated from school within the last year or two  then your education will be at the top of your resume. Most likely with 0-2 years of work experience,  your education is your most “saleable” skill. Do you think a professional employer wants to see that you worked in a retail store or restaurant while getting your degree? It’s helpful to show you have a good work ethic but the most important thing is your education and how it relates to the job you are applying for.

If you graduated more than two years ago, put your work experience to the forefront. At a certain point, the prestige of the college is not the deciding factor for employers; it is what you have accomplished after graduating. The employer wants to know what you’ve done after getting the degree. Even an Ivy League degree will only take you so far if you have little to show for it after college.

There are certain industries in which exceptions to the above exist. If you work, or would like to work, in education or an academic focused position, most likey your education would remain at the top of the resume or more appropriately, Curriculum Vitae. The employer here would place a heavy emphasis on your educational credentials.

Remember always that the resume is a marketing piece for your potential employer. You are always trying to capture their interest in all forms of communication. Think of what would be most effective in demonstrating your ability to perform on the job and put that to the forefront of your resume.

Lavie Margolin is a New York-based Career Coach and the author of The Roaring Job Search Anthology. To learn more, go to Lavie’s website, Contact Lavie via email: or phone, (914) 525-0965.

Government IT Jobs

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Article by Brendan Holmanwrf

Authorities That effort is some of the best jobs you could ever desire to find in the actual work industry. Have a look at go over the huge benefits and tips about ways to find these kinds of significantly sort right after careers.Benefits of Working for the us government are numerous and that i point out some here.

Their own Heath Insurance policy Plan will be Outstanding:Their medical insurance scheme will be country wide identified and respectable because it offers you choice and flexibility. This comes along with key employer contribution to rates. You own an substitute for spend your own share of rates plus your out-of-pocket expenses with pre-tax money. A very Nice Leave Coverage:A authorities job offers lots of time to care for your personal enterprise than some other company. With regards to the period of time you have worked regarding government you could get approximately 60 days away in one year.

Outstanding Staff Well being Strategies:A authorities job provides you with a range of warm and friendly flexibilities such as child care and elder attention resources, flexible function schedules, supporting your children, ownership info and also incentives programs among many more.Follow this advice to help you get authorities This Careers. The Location is an important Aspect:The effortless of which you receive a government job is determined by area and power of agencies. Locations with more gov departments and employees may have the most careers. In United states of america Ca, Tx, the Area associated with Columbia, Va and also Ny may have the lion discuss associated with federal government jobs. The Size of the particular Agency Counts:The Department associated with Protection may employ more and more people compared to a great many other government departments assembled. As a result, the larger the agency the more work access points it’s got. Other big employers inside government range from the Treasury Section and Homeland Safety.

Crucial Work Places:Safety may be the primary nationwide concern. The federal government must ensure citizenry safety very first prior to every other concern. For this reason Pharmacologists at the Food and Drug Administration are usually important to making certain the protection of medication as well as health-related supplies in front of these kinds of companies like Ftc. IT Jobs within Government:Everything right now involves contemporary computer products. It has become more essential inside authorities operations and also this makes openings on this field extremely rewarding.

If you are an specialist in IT protection your services are in sought after in government agencies getting; security, basic safety, economic fraudulence reduction, cyber criminal offense, and so on. The particular Peace Corps Link:Another strategy for finding authorities That careers is always to join the actual Serenity Corps. It is no secret that numerous past volunteers have visited respected positions in authorities. Website Queries:Another technique you may use to find federal government That work is always to search on the internet. On the net you properly locate very specialized internet sites dealing in genuine job search and placement such as authorities jobs for US citizens.docx to pdf, xlsx to pdf, xlsx to pdf

IT has revolutionised the way {businesses|companies} operate, but no {system|program|method} is {perfect|ideal|best|excellent|great} and there is {always|usually|often|constantly|generally|normally|continually|consistently|at all times} the chance of a failure. With IT performing such {important|essential|crucial|critical|vital|significant|necessary|very important|valuable|imperative|fundamental}

New York Jewish Job Board

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NY’s best Job Board. Niche Job Boards kill Monster and CareerBuilder

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