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His palm, make is the family “seven-step push cloud hand”, a hand, a dark strength, such as the wind and scudding clouds, toward the poison Push against it. The poisonous man opened his hands, grabbed and split, and his moves were so strange that he was the fourth poisonous man. As soon as he saw Yue Xiaolong joining the battle circle, he waved his hand and gave a low roar, as if to say, “Good!” Right hand process Out, suddenly facing Yue Xiaolong palm wind to catch. You should know that Yue Xiaolong and Ling Xingxian went to Beiyue three years ago, and they were given the “Concentric Sword” by Nangong Xiu and his wife. Therefore, it is far from what it used to be, not to mention the “seven-step cloud pushing hand”, which was originally based on the use of force. But listen to the sound of “bang”, the claws and palms are suddenly connected. As soon as the poisonous figure stopped, it suddenly flew up from the ground and was shaken out several steps. It was a flash of lightning, and when Xiao Buer saw Yue Xiaolong raise his hand, he shook the fourth poisonous man out of his mind. Jue Daxi. “Brother Ge and Brother Cao,” he said hurriedly, “go and stop him. Give this poisonous man to Master Yue Shao.” It turned out that because he was good at kicking the third poison man, his martial arts were very high, and Ge and Cao were far from his enemies, so he wanted them to fight against him. Pay the fourth poisoner and leave the third poisoner to Yue Xiaolong. Ge Feibai, Cao Fengchun listened to Xiao Buer’s words, immediately jumped back, gave up the third poison, both toward the fourth poison. Attack and attack. The fourth poisoner was shaken back by Yue Xiaolong’s palm. His eyes were full of fierce light. He was furious. As soon as he saw the two men coming, he said nothing. Raise a hand to grasp, Ge, Cao two people also do not fight words, sword together, join hands to attack, three people immediately made a pile. As Xiao Buer spoke, he replied to Yue Xiaolong, “They are the poisons trained on Tongsha Island. They all took part in the opening in the past year.” The masters of the various factions of the mountain ceremony lost their minds. The young master blocked him for the little old man, but did not hurt his life. Because of Ge and Cao, the third poisoner started fighting with him. With a low roar in his mouth, his body suddenly rose and his feet flew in front of his chest. Kick it over. As soon as Xiao Buer’s body flashed, he hid behind Yue Xiaolong and said in a low voice, “Young Master, be sure to block his front. The little old man is here.” It’ll give him the antidote. Although Yue Xiaolong did not know what antidote Xiao Buer wanted to feed the man in black, it was enough to hear that he wanted to block the front of the other side. With a shout of spring thunder, he raised his hand and struck the third poisoner in the face. The third poisoner saw him let Xiao Buer go and stopped himself. He was ordered by Shen Xijiao to kill Xiao Buer. They were gods. Chi was fascinated and his mind was simple. As soon as he saw someone in the way, he forgot Xiao Buer and regarded him as an enemy. At this time, I caught a glimpse of Yue Xiaolong’s hair. Palm, suddenly the body shakes, the right leg sweeps out. Yue Xiaolong already got Xiao Buer’s hint, as long as he caught him in the front, the mind moved, that also neglected, immediately. Shaking, launched the “riprap through the air” posture, hands flying, palm hair like the wind, toward the poison man fast attack past. Yue Xiaolong’s family tradition of “Lightning Sword Palm” was originally known for its speed, but with his current skill, it is naturally even faster. Double palm hair like lightning, piece of palm wind, draw a slight whistling sound, just around everyone rush to attack. Although the third poisoner was good at winning with his legs, Pietra Gray Marble ,Silver Travertine Slabs, Yue Xiaolong’s attack was faster than lightning, and for a while, he was forced to kick. Take the leap, just back and forth. The serial kick is the leg method of leaping and chasing, because when it is retreated, the leg posture is naturally slow. many Poisonous people’s minds are confused, their mouths can’t speak, and their actions are similar to those of wild animals. When they are happy, their mouths roar, and when they are angry. Hou can only vent with Li Xiao. The third poisoner was attacked by Yue Xiaolong with a set of “lightning palm”, and the other side was like a dragon, east and west, and could not be caught. Touch, often a leg kicks out, clearly in front of the enemy, unexpectedly will suddenly disappear, this burst of kung fu, straight tease the third poisonous person. Li Xiao repeatedly wanted to kick Yue Xiaolong to pieces. Just then, Xiao Buer said in a low voice, “That’s right, that’s right. Master Shaomen, quickly draw his attention to the front. Little Laobei is going to do it.” ‘. ” Yue Xiaolong went straight to the past, followed by a tight palm, five palms in a row, as fast as the electric switch, remember to clap the poisonous man on the chest.
As soon as the third poisoner saw Yue Xiaolong’s wandering figure, he suddenly stopped and waved his hands to attack him head-on. He was suffering from his feet. Kick empty, not a kick on the enemy, at this time the other side suddenly stopped, this opportunity, that is willing to miss? Great joy in the heart, in the mouth Also put out a long roar, whir two feet, fly to kick out. Xiao Buer stared at the soybean, waiting for him to open his mouth and roar, his body suddenly burst out, and he deceived him from the side, flicking his fingers. A “Resurrection Pill” was quickly thrown into the poison population. As soon as the figure flashed, the lightning flashed and the wind drifted back. “Shaomen,” he said with a smile. “The Lord will have another cup of tea with him, and that will be enough.” The man carried his hair with him and suddenly flew to the fourth poisonous man and behind him. When the third poisoner let out a long roar, the pill slipped from his throat, and he did not know that he had swallowed the antidote. Yue Xiaolong listened to Xiao Buer’s greeting, knowing that he had succeeded, and at the right time he caught a glimpse of the third poisonous man with his shoulders leaning slightly. Foot, serial kick, can not help laughing, right hand, three fingers, go forward. This move was exactly the trick he had learned from Yi Bole Tianmin when he was playing chess. He grabbed 72 hands and caught them at once. Poison person right foot tiptoe, throw outward, left hand at the same time one palm, disease pats poison person to kick left foot. The third poisoner had a series of flying feet, and his body was flying in the air. He threw and patted him, and his body was as straight as a kite with a broken line. He flew out and fell to the ground with a bang. The “Resurrection Pill” that he had just shot into his mouth by Xiao Buer had already melted with the body fluid, and when he fell to the ground, it happened to be medicinal. Scattered, only feel heavy eyelids, slowly closed, like falling asleep. When Shen Jiaojiao suddenly saw Yue Xiaolong appear at Taniguchi, she was already secretly surprised. She thought to herself, “He has clearly been shaken by the hands of the Yin people. Why?” Will not die? Seeing that the third poisoner was thrown out by his hand and fell to the ground, he was even more startled. “The poison made by my godfather,” he said. People, the whole body is highly poisonous, why these people are not afraid of highly poisonous? Besides,Marble Granite Price, the mind of a poisonous person is fascinated, and the martial arts are still there, unless it is used.

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